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Always and Forever


Working my way through some of the background papers in the Anntaurus Designs ‘We Remember’ Digi Kt.  Talking about blending again – with the image of soldiers walking in the background, I have changed the colour to one that is slightly darker than the background paper and used an overlay blend mode, keeping this one at 100% opacity.

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Lest We Forget



On today’s design page made using the Anntaurus Designs ‘We Remember’ digi kit, I have changed the colour of the images to be a match to the background paper.  I have placed the background image onto the page with an overlay blend mode, then copied and pasted the image fading it in with a linear transparency from the bottom edge.

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We Will Not Forget


A further page for the Anntaurus Designs ‘We Remember’ Digi Kit and more playing with blend.  This time I have brought the plane onto the page and used an erase blend mode to get the white outline.  This often works well if an image has some detail to it and the background isn’t too busy.

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Experimenting with Blends


Sharing a design page today made using the Anntaurus Designs ‘We Remember’ digi kit. You can get so many different results using the blendables in the kit depending on the blend mode that you use and what paper you are blending onto.

When I made the page above I played around a little because I didn’t like the harshness of the black on blue. Below I have illustrated how different an image can look with very little effort. In Craft Artist, I have used the crumpled paper background and the large Nurse image.  I changed the colour of the image, making it a blue/grey colour for a softer contrast with the following values R=0, G=47 & B=90.   I have then applied a ‘Multiply’ blend mode and reduced the transparency level to 20%.  The image below shows the nurse image following the above steps compared to the nurse image just brought straight onto the page and left as is.


A big difference and the image on the left is far more pleasing to the eye when it takes on a hue of the background it is being placed on. You can spend time playing with colours, blend modes and papers and come up with some really different results.

Have fun!

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You Sparkle & Shine


Sharing a design page for the new FREEBIE digital paper pack ‘Sparkling Skies’.  Made to show that they are not just for bonfire pics.  Go to the Freebie section on the site to sign up for this pack and automatic future freebies. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

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November Freebie – Sparkling Skies Digital Scrapbook Papers


Sparkling Skies Scrapbook Papers


November is here and time for a new Freebie pack.  This month we have a pack of Digital Scrapbook papers called ‘Sparkling Skies’.  The papers are good for your bonfire pics and any other event that involves Fireworks including New Year Celebrations!

If you are on the mailing list you should have received an email communication with details.  If you are not on the list yet then just visit the Freebie section and follow the instructions to receive the current set of papers and any further freebies that are sent out.

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